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Configuring Windows Live Mail for Office 365

September 16, 2014
  1. Open Windows Live Mail.
  2. Select Options | Email Accounts.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Select Email Account on the "Select Account Type" screen.
  5. In the "Email address:" field, enter your email address
  6. In the "Password" field type your Hawkid password.
  7. In the "Display name for your sent messages" field, type your name.
  8. Click the checkbox next to “Manually Configure Settings”.
  9. Click Next.
  10. In the "Server type:" field, select IMAP.
  11. In the "Server address:" field, type outlook.office365.com
  12. Change the "Port" to 993
  13. Select “Requires a secure connection (SSL)”.
  14. In the "Authenticate using:" field, select Clear text.
  15. In the "Logon user name:" field, enter your email address
  16. In the Outgoing Server information, in the "Server address:" field, type smtp.office365.com
  17. Change the "Port" to 587
  18. Select “Requires a secure connection (SSL)”.
  19. Select “Requires authentication”.
  20. Click Next to create the account.
  21. Click Finish.