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Domain Reseller

Start your own online business today with India Reseller and you will earn a residual income every month. With a wide range of products, you can become a domain reseller, linux hosting reseller, windows hosting reseller seo reseller or ssl reseller. Pick any product to focus on while offering all the products and services from your own website. All the products are offered in our basic and pro reseller plans. The difference between our basic reseller hosting plan and our pro reseller hosting plan is the buy rates and PPC opportunity. To get a better understanding view the table below.

Product & Features Basic Reseller Pro Reseller
Linux Web Hosting $3.35/month $3.15/month
Windows Web Hosting $3.35/month $3.15/month
.COM Domains $9.59/yr $8.29/yr
.NET Domains $9.99/yr $7.99/yr
.ORG Domains $8.99/yr $7.99/yr
.INFO Domains $7.99/yr $7.49/yr
.ME Domains $18.99/yr $16.99/yr
.IN Domains $13.99/yr $14.99/yr
SSL Certificates $24.00/yr $22.50/yr
24/7 Customer Support india reseller india reseller
PPC Revenue on Parked Domains - india reseller
Pre-built Storefront india reseller india reseller
Marketing Source Codes india reseller india reseller
Coupon Codes india reseller india reseller
Free Hosting india reseller india reseller
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tool india reseller india reseller
Free Email Marketing Tool india reseller india reseller
Google Analytics Conversion Tracking india reseller india reseller
  $80 $160
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Fagan Media Reseller allows individuals and small businesses to setup an online business in minutes. Our reseller plans provides you with your own online store to sell domains, hosting, email, online file folder, SSL and much more. We will process all payments for you and support your customers by phone, email and chat.

This is the perfect work from home opportunity or complimentary product for your web business. Offer your customers all the products they need to run a web site. We are leaders in the industry with years of experience. We have servers in Asia, Europe and United States to provide your customers with fast reliable website hosting.

Offer your clients competitive rates while making a living from an easy to run business. We will also market new products to your customers to increase your profitability if you choose. To help you with marketing your website we include a free deluxe hosting plan, a free deluxe email plan, Search Engine Visibility tool, SSL , an email marketing tool and a site builder.